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Our Mission

The Branches Charitable Trust was formed in July 2009 by a group of local people concerned with the escalating costs of the Branches Camp due to the need to use professionals with outdoor expertise. Their wish was to keep the camp affordable for families.  Such a momentous school camp should not be reserved for those in the top percentile of income.  It was agreed that a trust would be formed that would fundraise for the camp each year and underwrite the cost so that the camp remained affordable for all.

As with any fundraising organisation, support that keeps on effortlessly giving is always appreciated so anyone who wishes to make an annual contribution to the camp, no matter how big or how small, please click on the donate link above.

By ensuring the continuity of the Branches Camp the Trust fulfils its primary objective in promoting, fostering and supporting the development of young men and women in the Wakatipu community. The Branches Trust continues to fundraise to accumulate finances, with the hope one day of become self perpetuating, ensuring that the financial support needed for the camp is always there. 

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